Personalize Your Office Desk

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Working in an office can be a pretty impersonal experience, especially if you’re literally tethered to a desk all day with the only creative output afforded to you being the exquisite formulas you conjure in spreadsheets. This can however be combated by simply making your desk feel a lit bit more like it belongs to you.

There are numerous advantages to making your little bit of the office personalized. Improving your immediate environment will make you happier, feeling more comfortable and settled, deflecting that whole nameless cog in a machine sensation that can sometimes take over. This will have the knock-on effect of improving your already exceptional (I’m sure) output and if it helps improve your happiness levels and reduce stress levels then that’s all good for the mind, body, and soul. If this is the case it will undoubtedly have a positive impact on you professionally.

Personalize Your Office Desk

If you want to personalise your desk, then be sure you know of any rules that might exist. Most companies will allow you to add personal touches, though don’t turn your allotment of square footage into a work version of your lounge, that isn’t going to go down well. It’s more about a few simple elements that are definitively you.


A simple option and really pleasant way to brighten your surroundings, photos of your partner, your kids, your pals or your pets will do. When you’re up against it you only need to glance up and know that the end of the day isn’t far away and you’ll be seeing those most dear to you soon.


Rather than photos why not add some art. Buy some prints of paintings you like, nothing too controversial, but something you like that makes you calm and happy. Music fans can go for album covers and the film buffs might be able to squeeze in a movie one-sheet.


This is a broad category. You might want executive toys, the sort of shiny chrome artefact that moves perpetually, very swish. Or maybe you’re more a wind-up set of chattering teeth individual; such items make a good distraction when the juices of industry dry up. Or maybe you’re a lover of the more geeky side of desk based toys? Models of your favourite manga or movie character, I mean everyone loves an 8″ terminator complete with battle damage, right?


Get your own mug. Having a cup that only you drink out of is just satisfying, it feels homely. Plus you can always be sure that any cooties you might be exposed to are your own.


Foliage is healthy, just think of all that oxygen it’s pumping out. Also in a predominantly artificial environment giving yourself a pot plant to look after is a very Zen thing to do. Just remember to water it. Having a dried up, dying twig is way less satisfying.

Sweet Dispenser

This bit of personalization is sure to make you the bright center of the office. Basically you need a mini-bubblegum machine but filled with mints or star mix. You’ll be amazed at how many people suddenly need to talk to you about something very important…

If you want your bit of the office personalized, go for it. The above ideas are a cool place to start and before you know it you’re desk will feel like a home away from home, and not in a ‘this overtime is killing me’ sort of way.