Luxury Interior Design on a Budget

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Always Be on the Lookout

When my grandparents were starting out, they had nothing. All they had was the roof over their heads, clothes on their back and some food on the table. My grandmother, much to my grandfather’s embarrassment, would look for furniture at Goodwill and in some cases on the curbside when others determined they no longer wanted it. With some TLC and some minor repair, she turned these items into beautiful showpieces that are still in our family today.

The point is that just because something is at a thrift store or sitting on a curbside, does not necessarily make it obsolete. These items can be sanded, re-stained, painted and fixed up to be like new again. With a little effort, these items can morph from into a luxurious piece of furniture that you can enjoy for many years to come. Who knows? It may even end up as a collectible antique or priceless family heirloom – and to think it started out in your family as a piece you picked up off of the curb!

Luxury Interior Design on a Budget

Buy Modern, yet Timeless Furniture

There are certain styles of furniture that maintain their popularity throughout the years because of their simple yet classic looks. Classic leather, urban rustic, and modern European furniture continue to be among the top sellers with furniture retailers because as trends continue to come and go, these timeless styles remain in vogue. So, as tempting as the latest trend may seem while you’re looking at it in the showroom, bear in mind that it probably won’t be so trendy ten years from now, and will in fact look out of date. By sticking to simple, minimalist designs, you can help make your decor stay chic for decades to come.

Customized Stenciling

This one is super easy. Crown molding is expensive, as is decorative wallpaper bordering. One way to provide a luxurious and customized look to your home is by either purchasing stencils or making them yourself. Stenciling does take a little time and effort, but in the end it is far cheaper than some of the two aforementioned decors and provides a one-of-a-kind look to your home that other homes will not have. In addition, the stenciling can be anything from words of encouragement that help guide your life, to hobbies or interests. Perhaps you enjoy fine wines; you can easily stencil a vine with beautiful grapes all around a room in your home. Or for those of you who are movie buffs, you could stencil a movie reel and film around the room, sprinkling in stars as on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. The sky is the limit! The best thing about stenciling is if you should ever grow tired of the current theme, all you need to do is paint over the top of it and start over.

Sew Your Own Window Treatments

Many of the most luxurious window treatments are nothing more than a simple piece of fabric that is folded over on one end and sewn together so that it hangs on a curtain rod. They are subsequently marketed as “Designer” and sold for high prices. Does it really matter who does the sewing? Of course, it doesn’t, so why not cut out the middle man, buy the fabric you want, and do the sewing yourself? Then, just mount a couple of drapery hooks on either side of the window to hold them back when you want to let light in. Hobby and Fabric stores also sell multiple styles of “designer” looking rope, or small remnants of fabric. With either of these, you can also tie your new curtains around the middle to give the look of elegance for just a few dollars. Either way, designer looks do not necessarily have to come at designer prices. All totaled, many times with a sewing machine, an hour, and $30-$40, you can deck out any room with drapes or curtains which appear high-end, but come at a fraction of the cost to yo. Also, do not let not knowing how to sew slow you down; if you know someone who does, ask them for help.

There are a wide variety of ways in which to provide the look of luxury in your home without paying those luxurious prices. The other thing is that most people will never know if that beautiful cabinet in the corner was picked up off the curb and restored or bought from a high-end furniture gallery. At the end of the day, if you are like most people, you may not have a limitless budget, but that does not mean you cannot have limitless dreams. Look for deals, be willing to invest some sweat equity, and you too can have the luxury you desire without the debt to prove it. Good luck, and remember to have fun!