Easy Ideas To Make Your Feng Shui Bedroom

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Feng Shui besides being a lifestyle must begin in the bedroom of a home as it is the area where we relax, sleep, and recover the energy to face the day every morning. Good Feng Shui bedroom allows you to feel calm and wellbeing in large doses. Thanks to all the information that exists Feng Shui and all the benefits it brings to the lives of people today are easier than we think of us to apply it to our daily lives.

But even easy follow a certificate and be aware that you must also do your part to achieve equilibrium to exist and that good energy flow throughout the room. So you can do I’ll give you some easy ideas to Feng Shui contributions to your bedroom and you can sleep excellently and your bedroom a place of calm, relaxation and inner renewal.

Easy ideas to make your Feng Shui bedroom

Quiet bedroom

To ensure that your bedroom is quit will have to stay out of any electronic device such as a computer, television, tablets or your mobile devices that may interfere with your sleep and peace of mind. You will also have to avoid exercise in your bedroom for energies do not stagnate, so you should stay out of any exercise machine.

Both electronic devices such as exercise equipment destroy the good energy and also attract negative energies and stress. Also you will want to get rid of all those things that do not serve or are broken; this would only attract negative energies.

Ventilate the room

It is important to be aware of how air quality in your bedroom to have good feng shui. You need to open the windows every day so that air is renewed or use an air purifier to keep clean oxygen. Remember however that the plants are not advisable in the bedroom according to feng shui your bedroom unless large plants will be away from the bed.

Rules for bed

It is important that the bed is accessible from both sides, there are two bedside tables, keep the bed is located so that it is aligned with the door. In addition, and of course must have a good mattress, a solid structure and a quality sheets (if they are better natural fibers)

Soft colors in decorating

The soft colors in the decoration are also indispensable to enhance the balance and good feng shui in your bedroom requirement. The best colors are neutral colors, although the most suitable will always be white, beige or brown.

Adequate lighting

The lighting in a bedroom feng shui must be correct in both daylight and artificial light. Candles are a great option to enhance the feng shui your bedroom as it will help to create a more intimate and warm, but yes, must be a free candles chemicals.

Doors closed at night

It is important that during the night both doors and windows are kept closed any doors. This will help you stay positive energy in your bedroom, you can not escape and strengthen also a good sense of peace and tranquility that will help you sleep and rest better be created.


Cleanliness and order are also essential for feng shui home, so you do not have things through, no dust, dirt or piled clothes, the order will help you feel better and find calm faster.

You see, applying feng shui bedroom is simpler than it sounds, but you’ll be satisfied and know that feng shui is not only a form of decoration, but a lifestyle that will help you be better each day and also to be more connected with you and the world around you.

Here are some easy keys to start incorporating feng shui in your bedroom and you begin to feel its benefits. Gradually you see trying to apply feng shui around your home so that you supply all the good that can give you, and if you apply it to your life better!