Create Your Eco-Friendly Kitchen Today

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Creating an eco-friendly kitchen can be an excellent way to contribute to a healthier environment. Renovating your kitchen is an opportunity to make some positive changes to your kitchen for the benefit of the environment.

Create Your Eco-Friendly Kitchen Today


A number of options exist for the homeowner that wants to install eco-friendly flooring materials in their kitchen. Hardwood and all-natural linoleum are two such substances. Recycled glass tiles are also growing in popularity for those that have a different desire in their kitchen style.

For great value and environmental friendliness, definitely take a look at what a bamboo floor can provide for you. Bamboo takes no more than a decade to fully mature into a completely usable state and tends to be cheaper than other alternatives. It is a wonderful, sturdy, environmentally friendly material for flooring in the kitchen and elsewhere.


There are a good number of kitchen appliances available on the market. How is one to know what is eco-friendly and what is not? In the United States, one need only really look for an Energy Star label on the product. That is the easiest way to locate the most water efficient, power efficient products to utilize in your kitchen.

The Energy Star program is a completely voluntary one in which a company needs to pay a 3rd party laboratory to test their product to ensure it is within mandated standards of efficiency. The Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy are responsible for developing these numbers. If it is, they are allowed to label that product with the Energy Star label, making it easier for consumers to locate environmentally friendly items.


Eco-friendly cabinets can provide a number of benefits both to the home and the environment. There are varying degrees of how friendly a cabinet will actually be. The best choices will typically not use formaldehyde-based adhesives. The cabinets should emit no formaldehyde, Volatile Organic Compounds, or Hazardous Air Pollutants. That is beneficial to both the environment and the people living in that space.

Alternatively, shopping around may turn up vintage or salvaged cabinets that you can recycle. You will want to ensure they do not have lead paint or are made from urea formaldehyde. Metal cabinets are also a great choice for a kitchen because they do not give off any hazardous gases.


You may be surprised to find that you can clean most things in your house with perfectly safe household items instead of toxic chemicals. That not only helps the environment, but provides a cleaner living space for you and your family. Need to mop? Try mixing 1 cup of vinegar with 1 gallon of warm water for a solution that works just as well as store-bought.

Kitchen Items

The last objects of importance in an eco-friendly kitchen would be the actual cookware and other utensils. Teflon-coated nonstick cookware is one of the worst culprits for in-home pollutants. Heating them up over 450 degrees can cause them to emit hazardous gases. However, these items can be replaced with glassware, stainless steel, and cast iron cookware.

A wide variety of eco-friendly objects such as dinnerware, plates, and bowls are also available. Recycled glass and other organics are used to create items like these to provide a more environmentally conscious alternative to traditional kitchen ware.

Getting On An Eco-Friendly Path

An eco-friendly kitchen can be a great way to contribute positively to the environment and to your own home. Such things as the quality of air and water can make a living space significantly more enjoyable. Though many Green products like these are a bit more costly than their alternative counterparts; shopping around can and will turn up some great values for your eco-friendly kitchen.