4 Creative Deck Designs to Draw Inspiration from

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Building a deck can add valuable living space to your home and enhance the appearance of your outdoor area but if you’re considering adding a deck to your house and yard you should have a look at a few design ideas to make sure that the shape, style, and size you choose for your deck will work well with your home as well as your style.

4 Creative Deck Designs to Draw Inspiration from

Take some time to think about what you will want to be using that space for and consider the things you will want to have there before you decide on a design. A deck can be so much more than just extra outdoor space so try to make the most of your project and turn it into a place that you really love. If you don’t know what exactly can be done to utilize the space there are some pretty creative ideas and deck designs to help you get inspired when you’re working on your very own deck project.

Make it a Zen zone

Your deck can become a great place to relax, meditate and have a few moments just for yourself. Giving your deck that Zen garden feel can be accomplished easier than you might think as long as you plan ahead. Design your deck plans so that you will be able to include plant pots and try to create symmetry for your deck.

You can even design special spaces in your deck floor that will accommodate plant pots later on so that when the project is done it will seem as if your plants are sprouting from the deck itself. Try to incorporate living flowers and plants around your deck and keep the furnishings to a minimum for extra movement space.

Try providing some shade for the area and use neutral colors which are more calming than bright ones. Tiles and river stones can be great materials to use for accentuating certain areas on your deck but you can also use the actual flooring to create flowing patterns in the deck by using different shades and colors of tiles or wood.

A great new lunch spot

Turn your new deck into a great lunch spot and relax with guests during the warmer days. Design a deck that will include a large enough floor to accommodate a table and chairs and transform your new outdoor space into a lovely lunch spot. Having a nice meal outside and entertaining guests while you enjoy a cocktail can be a pretty great perk and your deck can make it happen. When the weather is nice you will be able to appreciate the fresh air and intimate setting that your deck allows for while still enjoying the comforts of a proper dining room table and chairs. Decorate the rest of the deck with flower pots and provide some shade so that if the sun gets too intense you can still relax there.

Build a fire pit hangout

Center your entire deck design on a stunning fire pit and turn it into the ultimate hangout spot. Either create a space large enough in your deck to accommodate a fire pit that you add later on or build one on top of the deck, just make sure you choose a design that includes proper seating arrangements. Either build a circular bench around the fire pit or place it in the middle of the deck and place chairs around it later on, whatever works best for you is great as long as all of your guests can huddle around the fire when the nights get chilly.

Give it a contemporary twist

You can do many things with deck materials these days. Create a multi-level deck or use different materials to make patterns in your floor for a more contemporary look. Use modern furnishings and light fixtures to accentuate the edges and angles in your design. A neutral colored sofa or some simple, stylish armchairs can make for comfortable seating while a low coffee table and some cushions will help bring the space together and make it look modern and relaxed at the same time. Don’t hesitate to incorporate steps and add volume to your deck design and feel free to combine materials and colors to get the desired effect.